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I’m a very Happy HSBC Credit Card holder


I’m very happy with the experience i have owning an HSBC credit card. Aside from a best security that they gave to me is that they didn’t charged me for an annual fee. Maybe because I settle my bills before I went overdue. As you can see there are lot of missed used of credit cards that’s why they end up in debt. I usual use my credit card to buy an installment plan appliance where I dearly needed.

I bought a Samsung Flat SLIM TV payable in 12 months and Last month we have it all covered. I also bought a Kodak IS 1083 Digicam payable for 1 year also. Aside from what is good service I also got rebates of 5% on my Caltex gasoline whenever I have my scooter Full Tank. So now I got worry free on the road when I need to Fill-up my tank.

Honestly, I love checking my bills. But what is nice about HSBC. I can check it online by using their Security code device. Isn’t it nice and hassle-free that you can always check the status of your spendings.

Well for me I got 5 thumbs-up for HSBC. I also like to thank them for Adding up more credit limits.

For me this is the credit card that is best for a starter like me.

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