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A Loving Sentiment

Life has so much to offer but do we have enough to experience having it, may it be material or abstract . When do you feel your self being taken for granted, when you feel that yourself came in last of the priorities, when you found yourself contented of what you have. It is right to be positive and proactive in all situation of life. I’m writing this not to change the idea of Ideals versus realities these are experiences that I myself am not regretting, giving all of what I am and I can to my family specially my kids….. yes I am a mother and a wife who’s responsibilities you can’t deny an exhausting job but gives you the most wonderful and ever rewarding feeling. The compensation is not monetary but a sense of fulfillment, in whatever you may see it, and  for me it is about my kids growing up a better person. Giving them a comfortable life, we mean the basics health, education and shelter is the number one in the list of priorities. This is where my sentiments begun. When I see myself in the mirror aging fast because of motherly errands, having forgotten to see my OB for a year, at the mall wanting to have some for yourself but would’nt care to buy, barely have time to go relaxing not until a kind hearted would give a treat, misses the trend on make up even a facial that could have been better, being stingy when buying things. BUT--- I drive a car which I uses to bring my kids to school, we got an AC in our room so every time my girl has an asthma attack could feel better, an internet for my grade one researching tool, ALL that we have for our children I HAVE A SHARE OF COMFORT. And I would proudly say that it’s my happiness and enjoyment to give the best to them regardless of having what I want but nonetheless of what I need. Me and my husband share the same ideals and wouldn't be halted of scarcity the realities of life has to come. God is our ideal and He provides as we put Him first in our lives.



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