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Qoutes inspires us. Even on work and other social activities qoutes Inspires us. I myself is a fan of qoutes and if you do love qoutes and post over and make it as status then here are qoutes that you can use.

Have you read all my qoutes? You didn’t? WHy? THere are lots of qoutes in this post. Love qoutes, friendship qoutes.


Oppps! a moment. my tooth aches. I wonder where my Qoutes are. I want to tell you from the start that There are qoutes here. But if you are looking for the Q-U-O-T-E-S then I don’t have it here only the qoutes is available.


I want you to know that you need to Google it out again because you have misspelled  the QUOTES word with QOUTES. U should go first before the O.


So please click back and make your mistake right.

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