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A road that leads to nowhere

I have my haircut today. This haircut is not as ordinary style that I used to do. It feels like I want something newer than what I wanted to be. This was the first time I tried to cut my hair 3mm above my brain. The barber exaggerately says,” hindi nga”. Then he tried to shave the half of my hair to have a closer look on how long and how would it end up after It was cut.

I just say, Nice and simple my Haircut today.

Sometimes you need to take a simple and nice things with your life. I’ve been working for almost 9 years. 3 years from that chunks, I managed Microsoft servers and Firewalls. I spent 5 years from Broadcast Automation where I have an Automation system. 

It was new to me at that time since Etere Automation is a proprietary software develop by Italian engineers. I was trying to look back from that 5 Years. The day that I started on Media Convergence. It was a New and SImple experience to me. New in the sense that I and only my Boss knows how the software/system works. It was very hard from my part to digest everything from scratch. From a Technical Support to being an Etere Support.

During those years, I felt the stressed , the pressure and the client’s pressure and All I can say is NICE and Simple. I managed to control my stress on those times because I need badly the job. It was a leap of faith on my part because I’m not used to being scold especially by people whom I didn’t really know. It was tragic and was very very degrading during that time.

I only remember that time that I’m not working for someone else’s but I’m working for the Lord. I remember one installations, It was my first time to work alone. I pray first before I migrate the clients system. With a very light mind. As easy as 1,2,3 we have finished it without flaws. I thank GOD for 5 years of Nice and Simple walk with HIM.

There are times we look at roads that leads to nowhere, but only to find Its a road that leads to GOD.

--Have you prayed before working and doing your usual daily Job? Why not pray first and end your day Glorifying God.


PS. Here’s my Haircut look like


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