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Suzuki Hayate Upgrade

I’ve been lurking into this website Since its the only available Block upgrade for the Suzuki Hayate 125 and nonetheless. Yes, there are MTRT and Kitti Borekit but my facts are based from a respectable Suzuki Mechanic. He told me if I wanted to make a Bore Upgrade I should get a Sheng-e Borekit. A chrome Bore the same with the stock Block SCM of Suzuki Hayate. He Even asked me to consider the upgrade together with the higher lift Cams.

I’m not able to do this kind of upgrades but if you are looking for an upgrade for you Suzuki HAYATE that only runs 120kph on a long stretch of 4kms to get this topspeed and its conservative then I believe you want this upgrade to furthermore lessen the Distance against the TIME. AFAIK!

I would also recommend Danny Daquigan’s Shop. They offer a wide range of upgrade parts but bear in mind that there are like 2-3 upgrades to choose for your precious Hayate.


JVT Pricelist

ap 61mm chromebore - 5500
ap racing pulley set w/ driveface, back plate and flyball 10g - 2200
ap racing clutch w/1500rpm - 1500
ap racing bell - 1300
ap racing torque(adjustable) - 1300
ap torsion controller - 450
chicken brake shoe - 500
flyball - 350
ap racing crank +3 (balanced) - 8500
ap racing cam for 61mm - 2300
for more inquiries pls call 3610990 / 3851159




for more inquiries pls call 3610990 / 3851159
or visit us at 129 8th ave. west grace park caloocan




Second, If you want to spend more money. You can try this 145cc





Check the price here.


Here you go.. I post 3 shops that you can check for Suzuki Hayate Upgrades. This also includes Suzuki Step 125 and Suzuki Skydrive.

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