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Visa Application for Italian Embassy

I have mastered the Visa application for Italy. All you need to have are to complete the requirements for the Visa application. Your Passport and Application Form is your first start. You will be needing a Passport size with white background.

Get your Bank Account, ITR and Payslip as well. This will be needed soon and you will need to give those documents to the Italian Embassy located in 6th Flr. Zeta Bldg.II salcedo st. Legazpi village Makati. It’s located at the back of Makati Medical Center. Here;s a Map in case. There are no Map nor Direction on the Italian Embassy in Manila. Good to know the  Taxi Driver knows salcedo street.

Italian Embassy

If you are applying for Business Visa. You need to ask for the Company in Italy for the Letter of Invitation. Secondly, you need to ask them also that they will guarantee your return in the Philippines and that they will be sued if the invited party didn’t came back to the Philippines.

Third, you have to asked also your company the same letter with this phrase.”The company assumes full responsibility on his return to the Philippines”.

We had scheduled for Sept 9,2010 then we have to go back to submit for additional documents. I got my visa but a colleague have to go back for a reason that was not clear. Anyway, for you not to have this mess follow and asked the Interviewer all the things they needed.

I’m going to Italy tomorrow. Will post more about Italy.

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