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What a non-blogger missed out

Yeah!! You! If youare only a reader of my blog and find it hard to blog and meetup with other influential bloggers then you are on my category.

If you don’t blog. You missed:

1. Having a Free Dinner.—There are blog event’s that cater free foods. Usually it’s an eat-all you can party. I’ve attended some and all I could say is SUPERB. Busog to the max.

2. Big World--- If you blog, you have the chance to meet people. People who share the same fashion with you. People/bloggers who likes to share their experiences online. It’s actually giving your World a more space. I’m a blogger, scooter rider and a forumer. Of all this 3 listed. I think being a blogger gave me more friends.

3.Free Gifts--- there are alot of free gifts online and they require basically –a blog.

4.Online Earnings- Blogging is the no-brainer sideline I have. Because on Blogging. You just have to share and share your experience with only a small amount of COST which is your time.

5.Self-esteem--- no need to explain. I have my shyness gone.

If you are not Blogging and you are not A blogger… YOU MISSED OUT!


Here is ME and other bloggers like me. Photo taken at Blogger Fiesta @ fully Booked Bonifacio HighStreet




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