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Beware not all are Money lookers


I was a yuppy. Yes, I started my profession when I was on my 22 years old. I started as Data encoder with a minimum wage but I carry on. I then changed my career and move to ortigas center when an opportunity after six months to a Mapping corporation. During those year I wasn’t planned about my future but I know I wanted to be a Network administrator or a System Administrator.

On 2003, I applied for a job at a Outsourcing company. That time my wife was pregnant and need to have a better compensation. Meaning to say, Money is the only reason to left the job. If only for myself I would have love to stay there but an incident change my perspective in life. I have to earn more money.

2 years I work on a company that outsource data. I was a technical support that time and handles Active directory, DNS, Firewalls and a hundred dozens of workstations to support everyday. It was like a peak of my career. It was like a dream come true to me. That time I was earning 11k/monthly. During that time money is not an issue but a political dynasty. The management hired a network administrator instead of me. I begin to asked why it was not granted to me and have me trained to be come one. With all the agony, I still survive a year before leaving the company. It was like they where offering me 14k to stay but I said to my superior that Money is not the issue but the comfortability and harmony at work.

In a very sneak of time, I moved to a new company. A company working with broadcast solutions. Because money is not the issue, even the salary is lesser compared to the latter job. I put my fingers crossed and grab the position. I was at that time earning 11k and had been offered 9k for the new position. During that time, I was reluctant of my future. My wife and I still carry on. We ahve survived the 6 months probationary. When I was regularized, there came the blessings. I received thousands every year for a performance bonus. If you are going to compute all my wage and commissions it will fall to 40k/monthly or an approximate 400k a year. Not bad for a support engineer.I travelled for free but not always. I got a car and a scooter. and I have been able to send my kids to a nice school. For all this, I gave back to God all the Glory and Honor.

I became a supervisor for the software support team. And during those time I remain humble and stay with God. It was not money that I work for but for the people that are at my back during my crisis time. It was not for money that we work but because we are happy on what we are doing. Money are just money and truly money are the root of all evil.

People forget easily. They tend to look at their success on how much they earned and became boastful about it. It doesn’t make sense at all. If only your money is the standard of being successful better check and reflect for yourself. You are sick to judge people because they don’t earn alot more than you. Have you notice for yourself, how many friends are you losing everyday because of your Money attitude.

I won’t be surprised one day, hoping this will not happen, you’ll get back in the land of the poor (as you have left for your ambitions) because you where terminated and old. Haven’t you don’t have the assurance now of your job. What I’m trying to say now is, “Don’t speak too much of your future.” that you think you won’t fail anymore. Masyado pang maaga to conclude that you are successful in the so called LIFE?

If money is the standard I might say Yes you are successful, but in a world where CHANGE is the constant thing. You won’t know. We aren’t sure of the Future and so did I. One thing is for sure. Only Him knows what your future will be. I came to know millionaire people. They do go abroad but not to work but for pleasures. Talking to them was like talking to an ordinary officemate. So then I notice, People change. They change because of money. The more they have the more they change. If you are on the situation you’ll never notice. I once was there and good to know there where people who told me about it.

Uy! ang yabang mo. Uy nagbago ka na. This are the phrase that are ringing in my ears that time. I then stop reflect and listen to them. It hurts because it’s true.

Now, If for you Money is the gauge to be successful, then you are not successful. I would rather have a job here and earn a little together with my family rather that working there alone and puzzled if one day will go back here because you’ve done something wrong for the first time.

God Bless you. I hope you weren’t been blinded by your dollars.

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