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Facebook “I Like It” Status Brings Awareness

My wife asked me why her friends put the “I like it” phrase on their statuses. So curious about it I never mind her and just get a sleep. I notice that also a friend of mine (girls) are also putting their status on the same Phrase. “I like it”. Intriguing but still I didn’t try to search over google on what’s the commotion after all.

Eventually I have to check on Googel trends on some of keywords that ranks today. I’m looking for keywords to blog about. And so this phrase came up again.

“I like it”  it seems that I have to end this agony of Phrase. so then I check on one website and says,

After January’s successful “bra color”, breast cancer campaign organizers are asking women to update their Facebook status with a vague reference to where they like to put their purse when they come in the house. It is not known who started the campaign, or exactly how they came up with the idea. But the trend is taking off, as more people are intrigued by the statuses and searching the internet for more information.


Now you know. If you are a female then do your share! where do you LIKE IT?

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