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Warning to be a computer savvy wannabe

I’m not one of them but you can tag me as computer savvy. This was not from my own point of view but to those people that are commenting that I knew a lot of computers. Nonetheless I am not. I would love to call myself as self proclaimed computer tech.

I started my Journey to computers when I was on my third year college. It was on the year 1998 that I started to fix my own desktop and format and install windows 98 on my own.

I grew more on reading and learning with my fellow forumers on technology and also taking time to watch video tutorials. During that time I’ve been a fan of Format and Install thingy. And eventually learn that not all things can be done by formatting and refreshed installation. If you want to learn you have to research and know how to diagnose the problem.

I notice some forumers that they growl first in the forum without even researching about the problem. Is it lack of time? or just a plain moron that wants to sit in his office chair. I hate it! It’s damn sick. People love to ask but hate to give information. It wasn't been a love and take relationship I guess.

If you are a computer wannabe, make the best out of your resource. Try not to be futile on asking but rather read and research more of your chosen profession. Being a computer geek is not a whole bunch of 1000 formatted computer award but the least you have formatted is the best thing to gauge your doing great.

Now is the time of windows 7. And this computer savvy wannabee’s are still around. If you are one of them you can change your tag. Why not do a research and read. And instead of you is asking in the forum why not be the one to reply for others queries.

More and more technologies are coming and if you are not ready for it. I might suggest get another career that best suits your sitting in chair all day profession.

Thanks for taking time reading my Unedited grammatically err blogpost!

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