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In review: Honda CB110 Twister

I’ve been cruisin along ortigas extension for my daily office route. A Honda CB 110 overtook me with caution and politeness. Curious in my Hayate 125 I tailgate him. It seems the looks are good but the power is Less. Yes you are right this is only a 110cc bike. What the heck Honda  is thinking all about? They have rescaled the CB1000 and this tiny little big bike wannabe that is equipped with only a 110cc engine came about. Is this a big bike or an underbone? an alternative to the very expensive CBR 150 that can’t out run the Raider 150. What am I talking about here? It’s not because it can’t out run my Hayate for a reason (but actually yes) I could say its a slow bike. I was looking over my speedometer when I’m tailgating the Bike and it only registers a 100kph. I hear the engines roar and its too much. It seems the rider is squeezing to much on the throttle. I wonder how many juice did he made. Kidding.


So whats with the CB110? Specs please…


Engine Type
4- Stroke, Air Cooled Over-Head Cam (OHC)

109.1 cm3

Bore X Stroke
50.0mm x 55.6mm

Starting System
Electric / Kick

Compression Ratio
9.0:1 "1.4Mpa"

Max Power
6.41kw @ 8000 r/min

Max Torque
8.97Nm @ 6000r/min

Gear System
Down UP

Dimension (LxWxH)
1967mm x 742mm x 1075mm

Seat Height

Wheel Base

Steering Angle
Left = 43 deg  Right = 43 deg

Dry Weight 
100 kg

Ignition System 
DC-CDI / Battery

Brake System
:Front      Hydraulic Disc

:Rear       Mechanical Leading Trailing

Tire Size
:Front       70/100-17M/C 40P

:Rear        80/100-17M/C 53p

Tire Type
:Front       Tubeless

:Rear        Tubeless

Maintenance Free

Fuel Capacity (Reserve) 
8.0L (1.6L)


PHP 61,800

I think this price is fair enough. I believe the speed thingy can be address from a wife variety of Borekits. Tuning a Underbone bike is much easier that a scooter. All you need to do is to upgrade to a borekit . A 150cc bore kit will do then some PNP and Big carb and that’s it. Sometimes Honda launch bikes that are weird and I don’t blame them. It has been a history to them when the not so good XRM dual sports came up and everyone is buying it. after all Suzuki Raider J came up also. hahahahhhaha…sometimes we Filipino should read more and observe more rather than buying a bike because your neighbor has. Be confident and read so you’ll understand.

What are the features of this Honda CB110?

I’d like to reiterate from Honda Philippines website.

Head turning style meets sporty power!
The CB110 takes the urban sports bike riding to a whole new level. Combining the power and sleek style, this revolutionary bike will forever change your riding experience!
Unleash your sporty side with this great new ride!

-- I don’t see any head turning with this bike. Its an awful bike for a big bike wannabee.

110cc Engine
Empower yourself with the cutting edge 110cc and 8.6HP engine (comparable to 125cc performance) that gives you a smooth ride with a mileage of (*78.7km/l)

*at an average driving speed

--You wish to compare your HP with a 125? so here’s the suzuki Hayate’s HP[

Suzuki Hayate 9.6hp@8000rpm (7.2kw@8000rpm)

You also mentioned 78.8km/l that’s too high…hmmmm so what is the average driving speed to attain this? 5km/l I better walk.

Half Chain Case
Flaunt your insides with a half chain case that reveals the latest trend.

---Don’t see this as a technology or a trend.
Viscous Filter
A new technology that cuts down on maintenance and give you a hassle free ride.

--some how you have inspired me.After all suzuki have introduced this 5 years ago.

T.I.C.S (Twin Ignition Control System)
For better fuel efficiency and optimum engine speed.

Bravo… might be because of this you attaing the 78km/l marks. Congrats..Hope this is true.

Tubeless Tires

For a smoother and safer ride.

---oh now you know.hahahha


If I will rate the Honda CB 110 I rank it as 7. If all this reviews from them are correct. I wish they where.

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