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Today is 111010

Yes, It still a binary day today. Number 48 when you convert it to Decimal numbers. What you think would this number came up on the 350M Lottery?

I was thinking of buying a domain name today so it will fall on the binary number 111010. I don’t know if only me notices it and ark.  I was looking at google and there are no google doodle today. I tried this keyword on Binary date and there are searches from India.

Is it true they use binary system on their everyday life?

I think there are only 9 binary date that will come up this year.

here is the list I think about.

January 1,2010 – 01,01,10

January 10,2010- 01,10,10

January 11,2010- 01,11,10

October 01,2010- 10,01,10

October 10,2010 –10,10,10

October 11,2010-10,11,10

November 01,2010 –11,01,10

November 10,2010 – 11,10,10

Novermber 11,2010- 11,11,10

I don’t believe on rituals or anything. i just amazed that I have it observed. What do you think? should we put this numbers on the lotter?

1,10,11,48,9 and the last number…guess it.

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