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Christmas Eve

Its 6 days before “Christmas Eve”. I remember when I was a boy spending Christmas Eve sleeping. I don’t bother what was the meaning for Christmas Eve. Eventually as I grow up, The meaning of Christmas Eve had been revealed to me. Christmas Eve is the best evening that happened to mankind. It was the Eve that save the word and from the nth time God had stretch his loving arms for Mankind.

Christmas Eve is when our Lord Jesus Christ came down to the World. Its a manifestation of God’s Unfailing Love for Us. This also proves that GOD is with Us. Giving His son Jesuschrist for sinners like us.

Now that I have my own family. We spent the Christmas Eve together. Saying to them that Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve because God gave his Son JesusChrist on that very Evening.

And now that you know the meaning of Christmas Eve, I think its time for you to share your own story. Care to comment below?


Merry Christmas and May God Bless You more!

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