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A comparison between Suzuki hayate 125 and Yamaha Mio soul 115

Are you in a dorkier situation on what to choose between this two bikes? Let me share to you my experience with this two great scooters. I managed to test run a Yamaha Mio 125 for about 100kms and still counting. Just to let you know I own a 2 year old Super stock hayate 125. I think it is not a better to differentiate a two scooter with different displacement but I think we have to pursue the challenge since there are a lot of Pro’s rather than the con’s on the Yamaha Mio soul 115.

First, Riding the Yamaha Mio soul on a heavy traffic jam is as easy as 1,2,3. Because of a very small body this small scooter is a beast especially at katipunan where traffic jam going to sta. lucia is as heavy as you can imagine. With superb acceleration because of its 14” magwheels, you can get the 60kph band easily and quickly. Versatile at its class the Yamaha mio soul can be between two cages. Zipping around in and out is very easy. The maneuverability is very noticeable. I observe that turning left or right is less straining compare to the Hayate. The sound of the engine is smooth. I thought I was hearing a calm wind when I first rode the scoot. The seat is very sticky, you can’t go wrong with this scoot. You won’t be slipping in front when you try a hard break on the front. I also notice that the Hayate is much taller so when I rode the Mio soul I was able to put my feet to ground flat. The space flooring is more likey. My feet can simple rest while driving.

to be continue….

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