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In Review: RPG Metanoia

rpg metanoia review This 3D Movie produced by  Ambient Media & Star Cinema is a movie for kids and kids at heart. The movie is for the RPG addicts. Especially for the ones who didn’t even manage to take a break in front of their Laptops. I was stunned because I myself is guilty of this. Although I didn’t play games but I do my research on how to make money online and how to create HDR images.

I love the graphics especially the settings. It’s an urban town where you can see tricycle and Jeepneys. I also managed to see Jollibee on some duration of the movie. RPG Metanoia is a story of a boy named Nico who jail himself playing RPG games. Eventhough he has friends to play together, but still the game they play are not the physical games but rather computer games.


He doesn’t bother to play outside but what he think is far important is his Role Playing Game(RPG). Because of such behavior his physical characteristic are weak. He doesn’t even know how to rode a bike and in Filipino we call it “lampa”. All this change because of a bet between a rival metanoia player. Their bet was that when the rival team wins they will not anymore play the game on that computer shop. In the end of the game Nico’s and his friends  lose. As an alternative, Nico was exposed on playing outside. His self-esteem cope up and eventually he regain his confidence over all.

I like how the story goes. It was finite and small but it delivers the message to kids who are trapped on playing MMORPG's. It was an enlightenment on their part as well.

I recommend to all those parents who had children that are computer game addicts. This 3D movie shows Filipino values. It reminded me of my youth and it also reminded me and warned about raising my kids. Please do try to watch and be amazed how Filipinos can compete on the 3D movies.

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