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Configure install yum MRTG

Do you know how to configure, install an MRTG? In case you didn’t know what is MRTG.It is a traffic monitoring software for a network administrator. It gives a RAW data of what goes in and out of the network through the use of SNMP.

Sample Graph

MRTG is free software. Just download it and follow the install instructions for Unix/Linux or Windows or NetWare to get get started.

I’m a newbie when it came to linux administration but it seems that it would be a better idea to keep track of my progress as I go along and enjoy freedom of open source. I have configured and install MRTG numerous times. I have read a lot on blogs and forums on how to setup a simple MRTG traffic monitoring device. On the next update of this blog will be my tutorial on how to install and configure a simple yet  usable and working MRTG Traffic monitoring device.

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