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McDonalds Easy Online

Aside from Hash Browns we ordered Burger Mcdo this morning. This was after we’ve gone to the market. As a pasalubong to the Kids that are still lying in the bed past 10 o’clock.

McDonalds Hash Brown are perfect! They served it on a golden brown color, Just enough and well done. I think it was 1996 if my memory served that MC Donalds open its branch here in Taytay. It was a hit in the market. everybody is going in Mcdonalds on that day. You’ll gonna think there’s a prestigious pageant because of to many crowds. Back then I’ve been exposed to lots of Happy Meal toys, I have a collection of those, I remember during my teens years, Dropping in McDonalds for some refreshments and Fries. I also remember the twister fries back then. Now, that I have my two daughter. Every saturday, when my wife is busy buying foods in the market. I’m the one accompany the kids while they are playing in the Ronald Mcdonald’s Place. I sometimes eat my breakfast here during an early rise when I don’y want my wife to be disturb.


McDonalds is a direct rival of Jollibee. Although Jollibee still owns majority of FIlipinos in terms of fast food competition.And because of this steep competition. McDonalds again pioneer on the Online ordering. Even though you don’t have money you can still order using your bank or credit card. Maybe next time we will be order through Facebook. hahhahahahha.


So long Now! happy new year

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