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Wet Street Race : Mio Sporty vs. Hayate 125

From sta. Lucia I spotted this yamaha mio. Because its raining It doesn’t matter at all. The Traffic is jam pack. It’s already 10PM and traffic is horrible through the exit from sta. Lucia going to Taytay. The White Mio Sporty just zoom and I lost sight of him. Before the Stoplight of Junction I was able to tailgate him. as we crossed the stop light he notice me.

Without any other thoughts in my mind.  I just overtook him with caution. A very wet road, with slippery pavement I think I need not to hurry. I run my scoot at around 80kph but this mio sporty just overtook me again. It seems he was embarrassed of what I did. Overtaking him was a big mistake I think.

Even though the rain is pouring and the wet are slippery I managed to tailgate the very fast mio sporty with my all-stock hayate. I notice him looking at the back, staring at the double headlight scooter. I was just tailing him. I was running 100kph and with his open pipe scooter I can here how pwerful was his upgrade is. Maybe a 58mm or 61mm borekit has been the replacement. I have driven a  mio soul so I know for sure how the 115cc runs. And from what I have observe the white Mio sporty is already been upgraded. The fun part of this is that I notice that he was able to go far beyond the 125cc scooter, If its an upgraded Mio sporty it would be 150cc or 160cc.

I salute these guys who have the money to spent for their scooter. They managed to put aside their safety rather. I just notice the rider riding on Shorts and unpadded jackets. First things first. Buy your safety gears before you think again riding on the streets.

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