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Famy Quickie Ride Pics

Famy Quickie_tonemapped_wtrmk

Today my wife and I decided to take a quickie ride to Famy not with my Super Stock Suzuki Hayate 125 but instead with a colleague’s Yamaha Mio Soul. With this bike in all stock form, I find it hard to maneuver over bugarins twisties. We started at Taytay and I decided the route to binangonan instead of Teresa,Antipolo route. I’m cruisin for like 50Km/h and the bike seems behave at all. We reach morong without any problem. I decided to fill in the tanks with Php 100.00 about 185 liters of Unleaded gasoline in Caltex. Then we roll out again. The speedometer gauge is hitting 80kph when I reach Tanay –Morong Boundary. This is the place where we took the picture above. I tested the bike with my wife as my backride, it register a whooping 100kph on the stretched. We just notice that a cross wind coming from the east mountains can throw us over the road. I need to be at the center of the road just to counter steer the wind blowing on us.

There is power on the 115cc engine but not  enough weight to stabilized the ride. Before we headed and hit the twisties I decided to take our lunch at a carinderia near the Jala-jala and bugarin Intersection. I ordered Pesang Dalag and my wife ate Kare-kare.

Famy Quickie Famy Quickie

After a sumptuous Lunch, We hit the road at exactly 12:30PM. This time I’m going to test the bike on twisties, not alone but with my wife. I manage to shake the road but unfortunately the Yamaha Mio Soul has a smaller wheel displacement that the Hayate. I’m having hardtime conquering the twisties. Sometimes I get to early on the Apex that I don’t hit the curve lines. and sometimes I’m late executing over the curve. Wheeew….the Yamaha Mio can quickly manage its turns on the twisties. This might be the reason they love riding the small scooter over the large cruising nouvo or hayate.

After a small break at famy, we took off at aroung 1:15PM and safely return home with a mileage register at 90kms. and a Php100 Gas consumption. Not bad at all. Here is me again at the Famy Killer Stretch.

Famy Quickie

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