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How to enable telnet on Windows 7 Platform


As a software engineer, every now and then I need to configure boxes of our products. Mostly are routers and switches. Some products used the more advanced Web GUI and some are still stock with the old telnet CLI.

If you are using a windows Xp on your laptop it would be a straight forward String on the command line. Microsoft then again changes the way it should be. They disable telnet command on the CLI. For whatever reason I don’t know exactly.

If you are here and looking on HOW YOU CAN ENABLE THE TELNET FUNCTION. I have here the procedures to do it.

Click on the control panel--- then Programs

enable telnet

after clicking on the Programs,you will be shown another window. Click on the TURN windows features on or off.

enable telnet enable telnet

After you have click the link the TURN ON and OFF dialog box will pop up. Like the screenshot below. Now check on the telnet client to enable telnet command on the CLI.

enable telnet

If you didn’t enable telnet, the command line will show that ‘Telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.

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