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Recovery tool for SD card


We all know that files that are not important enough can be deleted without using the Recycle bin. We use Ctrl + Shift to do this,right? Uhuh.. accidentally upon doing a Cut and paste command the files are gone and it seems you are very sure that you have it pasted on the right folder. Upon searching your whole hardrive for images and videos you took last night, you just discover that they all gone. The precious photos are now gone and can’t be retrieve unless you do the event again. So then what if, its a wedding or a special event that can’t be done at once.

I find this piece of software that will do the trick. From Hardrives , USB, SD cards, Mini SD cards and everything that is removeable media.EASEUS Data file recovery works like a charm. I already done it on a SD card and really is my hero in terms of file recovery.

If you want to download the file you can try for the keyword EASEUS data recovery in Google. This software works and I guarantee that you will be able to retrieve your files.

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