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This blog had been publicized too much


Every move I make, every talk I say and every experience I have, I wrote it down here. Even the time I posted on my application abroad it never misses writing down here. From sending resumes and attending exams.

It impacts a lot even on my Job. My co-worker decided to leave because he felt I’ll be leaving soon. Too early He decided to leave the company without waiting for any confirmation on me. Now I see the result of how I publicized too much of myself. And as a part of that learning process and promised to myself, I will then not leave any marks of my offline experience. From now on nobody except my wife will be hearing or reading about my “plans”. Being a blogger sometimes creates in yourself to share everything just to earn a bucks.

There is always a first time and perhaps I just give the company to know and decide also on what are the things to do to make everybody stays for good. For now on, My online life is limited on emails and facebook. No more status updates.



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