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What to blog today?

Been very busy doing some software upgrades and Paper works in the office. Together with training an apprentice. Although, I’m very much happy with the way things are doing I just can’t help but notice that I spent 8 hours in the office doing a lot. Now I see that I’m needed and its still worthwhile to stay.

Maybe tomorrow I will spent the rest of the office hours checking on the Omneon Media deck. The support team already upgraded the firmware but still the problem still persist on the Decoder OUT A. Its an HD Video server machine capable of Playing out MXF and MOV format. Coo stuff isn’t it. I just don’t know what Linux kernel it is but I do believe its a linux system after all.

Afternoon came, I need to check on the 32 USB GPI that was delivered to ABS. Unfortunately, It seems there is a misunderstanding with the model. Maybe because Advantech don’t have the 32 Channel I/O GPI but instead our supplier pull in a 32 IN and 32 OUT GPI. Well, both functionality are there and will server its purpose.

After an hour, Etere support send an email that they want to check the historical archive problem on my test System, Which is my Laptop. Cool!Thanks to the Boss who gave me this vostro 3300 with i5 processor.

Isn;t being a supervisor got alot of Damn good advantage? Yeah right, because tomorrow I’m gonna roll out my Honda Jazz and zoom zigzag on the Highway. What else should I asked for. A health card for the whole family, A decent Increase on the Salary, A free gas and Maintenance car. and most of ALL a stress free JOB.


Care to have this job of mine? All you need to do is Dedication and FOCUS.. and lastly Pray alot to GOD.

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