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Churp Churp Philippines

I notice that there are lots of social media. It seems everyone wants to be Mark the CEO of Facebook. Now Churp Churp is in town. I already sign up using my facebook account. I usually do this to save time registering and filling up forms. Once your done with the form, You can start connecting your twitter account and facebook account.

What is best about this social media is that when you refer a friend you’ll earn Php15.00 for each successful recruits. Cool isn’t?

What is churp churp Social Media? Its actually a web software that interconnects your Facebook and twitter account and with every campaign that Churp churp will be sending you got a chance to earn just by getting successful Clicks. They are like media ads agency that gathers facebook/twitter users and gives a campaign to have its member share to its friends. By doing so it becomes viral. Great Idea…

So basically its for the Money makers FB/Twitter fanatics just like me.

Thanks Churp Churp

I just notice that there are lots of registrants today and I observe a slowdown on the servers performance.

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