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Rope-An hdr manipulation

I shoot this with my Kodak 1085IS point and shoot camera. Although Trey Ratcliff’s suggestion is to buy an dSLR’s I prefer to use my Toy Pocket camera. That was a suggestion to him which I refuse to obey. So what is HDR. Its acronym’s meaning is High Dynamic Range. In the Video tutorial Trey emphasis more on the lights. He says, If you look at the world in an HDR way you will more likely capturing not the picture itself but together you are capturing into your mind the emotions of that time.


HDR is actually compose of 3 or more exposures. Unlike our eyes that can automatically detect the light levels (thank God for the Gift of Seeing) the camera we hold is a single exposure and shutter lens. It couldn’t capture the right light levels as what our eyes perceive. It seems like saying, I wish you where here to see what I am seeing.

So drasctically, HDR is a composition of different exposure in order to produce a little more of the real subject. HDR is a manipulation in order to capture the moment that is most likely closer to the real one. I seen HDR’s that are overreacted which I also did learn from it.

Learn more  by reading and not by asking. There are too much ebooks you can download for free and from there start giving criticism. A good criticism not to let people down and letting know you are better off them. So keep it up. Let’s learn together. It’s not the bow its the indian, perse.


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