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What I don’t like about SEO

I was reading along site and got hook up with sir Benjie’s post. I once have this Boss who gain credit because of me and from that they forward. I didn’t share anymore to them. Read along with me.

Qouted from SEO.PH forum

Unang SEO job ko, naexperience ko ito. Yung boss ko higop ng higop ng information sa amin, then sabay kwento nya sa mga higher bosses gaining all credit. Tapos pag may alam sya... hindi nya share sa amin. Simula nun, wala na, hindi na din kami nag shashare sa may boss namin.
Tuwing papasok boss namin sa SEO office na lagi syang late, unang tanong nya... "So what's new in the SEO world today?"
Sagot namin... hmmm nothing much, same stuff. I haven't heard anything new... tapos pag labas nya, kwentuhan na kami ng mga bagong trends sa SEO.
Sa next trabaho ko... was a very collaborative team. Full sharing of ideas and ako ang main trainor ng group so i guess, na set ko ang trend ng sharing selflessly. Today yung mga na train ko.... are all in different companies, puro mga higher positions and I can say many of them may know things i do not know... but still pag nagkita kita kami... total sharing nanaman.
I guess depende lang talaga sa tao. Some are willing to share, some are not.

I miss sharing my ideas and also listening to fellow IT. Since I’m working now in a broadcast supplier which I haven’t able to exercise my linux administration, Server administration and Router configuration skills. I also missed the people behind every servers. I remember when I was starting as a technical support. I always talk and ask question about networking. When the time I was able to gain experience I tried to teach but none of them are interested to learn. So I stopped. Sometimes you need to be fed not with any junk stuffs that they have but with knowledge and wisdom.

Right now, I’m continually learning through reading and researching but this time my friends that I share are from the cyberspace. I think this is more fun.

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