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David Cook and Katy Perry On Americal Idol



Tonight on American Idol season 10, performances by David Cook and Katy Perry rocked the idol stage!

After last nights performances, idol contestants didn’t know who would land their spot in the bottom 3, but gave us some time in between to talk about their journey this far!

Scotty, Lauren, Haley and Jacob started the show off singing last years hit song “Hey Soul Sister” by music group Train! They gave a really good performance and got the audience up and moving!

Casey, James and Scotty came out performing a song originally done by music group Cold Play, and helped to keep the audience entertained! Both groups did a really good job on their performances!

Ryan also took a few minutes to ask a few of the contestants about some news and actual gifts received from their fans! Scotty McCreery told Ryan that he had heard that his hometown has actually named a butterscotch cupcake after him. Casey Abrams received a really cool painting by one of his fans that he ended up having trouble pronouncing the name of the fan who did the painting!

After all of that took place, it was finally time for Ryan to announce which of the contestants would be the first to make the bottom 3 tonight! Jacob Lusk was the unfortunate contestant to be the first to be placed into tonight’s bottom 3!

David Cook took the stage next and gave one heck of a performance! Ryan then showed us what the contestants had been up to while they were not working. The contestants got to go to a Dodgers game, then bowling and finally straight to the spa! I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but that doesn’t sound like a bad day to me.

Stefano Langone was the second contestant to make up the bottom 3 and so he took his spot next to Jacob! Scotty and Haley were asked to join each other up on the stage and announced that they were both safe from elimination, leaving Stefano and Jacob to be the only two that could be sent home!

Katy Perry gave a great performance and afterwards we found out that Stefano Langone would be the one leaving us tonight! Now that it is coming down to the wire, these contestants will have to step up their game in order to receive the most number of votes to keep them out of the elimination round!

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