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Don’t Drink and Sleep

Wheew.. not a major accident but still I can’t figure it out how it happen. All I knew I think I nap on my bike.

I was cruisin at anonas intersection when the rain pours. It then stop for a moment and just sprinkle the road. Good for an accident and surprise. When I turn right on the next corner I then don’t understand why I hit my brake so hard that all the force goes in front.

It then slides and the bike goes down to the left. I wake up lying at the pavement. I look at my rear and so a car coming good to know it was far a distant. I abruptly stood but it seems my swelling knee is beginning to hurt. I grab my shoe and then grab my bike up.

I went at the side of the road  to check my bruises and upon checking  a swollen knee and toe was the result of the accident. After 5 minutes I the roll again. Now this time the rain stop. I was thinking how it happened. I was like running 40kph or less when I had the accident. Poor me that I had to go to the hospital for a two shots of anti-tetanus and 1 x-ray on my ankle.I got 3 wound. 2 on each knee and one on my swollen ankle. My hayate got only an ample of scratches. I think an inch on the left fairings and a scratch on the stickers at the back. As of the moment, I’m taking anti-biotic and mefenamic to ease the pain and to reduce the swollen wound. I will go back to the hospital on monday for another appointment with the surgeon and check for my X-ray results.

I believe this was the 6th time I got an accident on the road but it never stop me from riding my bike. It still is a good thing I have a padded Teknic Jacket for motorcycle use, a pair of Good gloves, and a Zeus helmet that helps me cheat death.

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