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Holy Week summary

I been seeing lots of post during the past week on Facebook. It was been overwhelming to see how we filipino observe the lenten season. Some see this season as an opportunity for reunion. Some I observe as a part of a yearly devotion. Being a Christian Country in Asia but divided with beliefs on whom Jesus Christ was. All we knew is that He died and He lives again. We missed the essence that He died because of our sins and He died because He loves the world and He wants to regain the mutual communication among His people.

Do you know why He lives? He lives because He wants to fulfill His promise to us. He promise to us that on the third day He will rise again. Having been risen from the dead gave us the assurance that everything that He had promised in the Bible will done.

Holy week is not crucifying your self and hitting yourself. When Jesus told us to FOLLOW HIM, He didn’t mean to do the same by carrying a Cross and having crucified. Jesus wants us to follow him on the road to Calvary by sharing the Gospel and by making disciples of all Nations. Taking up his cross means getting out of your comfort zone and giving up to God everything that we have. All the decisions and choices that are still need to think about. It is giving GOD full control of our self and not us controlling what we want GOD to do for us.

I’ve been blessed, despite what happened to me last wednesday. A wound on the knee simply reminding me that a small wound is too much for a pain, how about Jesus who carries 45kgs of his cross and been hit and crowned with torns.

Today is the day to change yourself by accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you. He died so that you will have life. He died and He lives again.

God Bless.

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