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Motorcycle Group Ride Hand Signal

When Morse think out of the box on how he could send a signal to his friend on the other side of the road. He accidentally invented the code that change Human Interaction. Unlike, Deaf who communicate using their Hands, We us riders do become deaf when we ride our bike because of the Fabulous Helmets we put on for safety.

I do ride everyday to work. It gives me a freedom and satisfaction somewhere but nothing compares when you are with your riding buddies teasing around and doing some friendly gauge on empty roads. If you are in a group of 20-30 riders it seems difficult to communicate with each other especially with only two CB radios. What we actually do is using a Hand signal and passing it to the rider next to you.

I have here the hand signals we usually use during Philippine Suzuki Riders Club (PSRC) ride. Somewhat, It really helps a lot especially during a chapter to chapter ride. So we usually have 50 riders all in one pack.

You can print this if you want and have a safe trip ahead of us.



Motorcycle Hand Signal

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