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Surf and Turf at Club Manila East


Rizal is a province where residents enjoy city life and simplicity at its best as well.  Fortunate to live near and experience  a place where fun, relaxation and adventure came alive!  CME, Club Manila East, Resorts and Hotels caters not only Rizalenos but its neighboring city. Closely located to Marikina, Pasig, Quezon  City and Metro Manila city dwellers can enjoy and relax.


Awesome a word that best describe the Zipline experience at CME. Those who look and love adventure you try this one a Six storey high and 320 meters long of flying to view the entire resort. This is a new amenity CME offers aside from the pools.


Who would resist beach like experience of CME BeachWaves. Want to learn surfing?  Club Manila East and PSA (Philippine Surfing Academy) joined together to offer this service and teach how to surf Pro. An for those who know how, to ensure safety all the surfing activity are supervise by PSA and only it’s surfboards are required to use.

Kiddie Pool

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