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Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

When I went abroad I usually want to have the First Class seat. Where comfort of home and the usual care is the utmost spirit. Not to mention, the warm welcome of the crew.

I can relate this experience to Hapee. A brand that is first class in terms of customer satisfaction. Hapee knows his customers needs and not only knowing but giving them the First Class experience of getting this brand for personal use.

Getting back to History, where Hapee was accidentally created.

In the late 1970s, Dr. Pedro’s Aluminum Containers, Inc. stood as the major supplier of aluminum collapsible toothpaste tubes to Colgate-Palmolive, Procter and Gamble and Philippine Refining Company (PRC) now Unilever. Aluminum Containers, Inc. enjoyed profit growth due to the increasing demand from the country’s leading toothpaste manufacturers.

However, in 1985, these companies began using plastic laminated tubes. Although this caused Dr. Pedro to close his factory, he realized his old equipment could still be put to good use by forging into the Philippines toothpaste market on his own. Two years later, he reopened his factory as Lamoiyan Corporation, now known as the manufacturer of toothpaste brands’ Hapee and Kutitap.


This was the beginning for the creationg of Hapee Toothpaste. A Filipino Brand that only compete with the multinational company but serves filipino with its First class through their product. 

What I love with Lamoiyan Company is that they only not cater the consumer but also their worker. They hire people with problems on hearing. I remember one of the CEO’s interview on GMA network. He said that, instead of Automating everything in the Factory, He insisted to do the job manually. Catering to a thousand workers having a very satisfying Job. I think this one makes Hapee and Lamoiyan Company the number one First class Maker of toothpaste.

And on the other hand, What makes me a First class Blogger? I’m A first class blogger because I have a First Class Nuffnang Ads here in my website. Aside from earning online. I got first class Perks for being their member. So being First class is easy Joining Nuffnang and Having Hapee took care of my teeth.


Isn’t it beautiful to have a first class SMILE?



Thanks To Nuffnang and Hapee!

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