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PGT 2: May 1 Semi-Finals

It was a sad experience with the judges when they came across to choose whom they will save and add to the Semi-finals.  The freestylers who are a large percentage of the text vote are one of the semi-finalist.

In order to choose who will be the second finalist they again perform their Act. Mang Rico the Magician got a very nice act indeed. Although I have seen this act from other magician still He was good and He set another standards for all the magicians here in the country. I’m also amazed on how the Madrigal Singers sing their piece. It was clear and you can hear that there where emphasis on every words.

When judgin time came. FMG voted for Rico the Magician. Without any hesitation even though it was against the kids. He still pursue to vote for Mang Rico the Magician. Kris voted for the Madrigal singers. I just notice she says that She voted them because” ito yung nakapagpatindig ng balahibo ko” and together with AI-ai,she also voted for the kids. I notice they don’t judge according to the talent but according to their kindness. Although I’m fairly sure that the Madrigal Singers are great but it would be better not to set your emotions on screen since you are like jeopardizing what you have voted for.

If I where to judge as they have said, They voted more on Text vote to Rico the Magician. I think they’ve stand on their ground. THE twitter #PGT is roaring with anger. They where demised on the decision and probably want RIco the Magician back. Well PGT is not for Magicians but for Singers and dancers once twitter comment I have read. What about you?


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