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Photo Scandal

Maybe you have notice I posted a lot of Photo Scandal on this site. Please forgive me for posting such title but if you only have the time to check it, then maybe you will find out that its content is a wholesome photos of the subject. Why we bloggers do it? It’s a campaign against those bloggers who wanted to rank the serps on the keyword PINAY SCANDAL. In these manner if only we can TOP the Serps the whole page and stop this Pinay Scandal from spreading into the whole world.

Melardenio Dot Com is not a P 0 RN site. The author of this blog only post articles that are nice to know and nice to read. I apologize for those people who thinks that this is a site of scandal.

On the other hand, Please help us bloggers on Ranking the Serps with the Keyword Pinay Scandal in this way we can help our blogosphere a better world to blog with.

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