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Why Google didn’t Push Thru Skype acquisition

According to, Microsoft bought the VOIP giant Skype for a huge sum of $8.5 million dollar. Although, drastically speaking the deal for now cannot be weigh as Good nor Bad.

But on the other hand, It was Google who had first bid for Skypes’ acquisition,according to Google Executives. The only problem that came into place is that there will be hard time integrating the system with Google. Skype is using a Peer to Peer Technology. Which on the other hand, the search giant is using Cloud Computing.

This was the reason why Google didn’t push thru acquiring Skype. They will have to undergo a 8-24 months of redesigning the whole system. What Google does is to design its own VOip which we all know as Google Voice.

So for now, We’ll see if it’s a Deal or a BAD Deal.

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