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X-Men First Class Movie Review

X-Men: First Class

Been a fan of X-men and I’m glad Nuffnang and Hapee toothpaste caters to deliver a free movie pass. I’m not a movie review blogger so bare with me please. X-men First Class, is a story of Two Mutant Leaders. They where Good friends fighting for HumanKinds. You can read the synopsis below.

With regards to the Movie’s Visual Effects of the movie. It really is daring and true enough. I like the way, the scrip writer focuses on Charles Xavier’s Character. The Director shows a magnificent turn of events. I thought I would be needing to review all the X-men movies in order to appreciate X-men First Class. What I learned now from this movie is that Professor X and Magneto are Good friends.




At a German concentration camp in occupied Poland during 1944, young Erik Lensherr is separated from his parents by Nazi guards. The child's desperate mind remarkably bends a metal gate until a guard knocks Lensherr unconscious. Scientist Sebastian Shaw, who has observed this through a window, calls Lensherr up to see him. Placing a metal coin on a desk, he orders Lensherr to use his magnetism power to move it. When Lensherr cannot, despite his best efforts, Shaw shoots and kills Lensher's mother in front of him. In his rage, Lensherr's out-of-control magnetic power kills the two guards and destroys two rooms, to Shaw's delight. Around this same time, in a Westchester County, New York, mansion, a young Charles Xavier meets a young, shape-shifting girl named Raven, scrounging for food in the kitchen. Overjoyed to meet someone else "different" like him, he says she can come live with his family.

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Cast of Characters Here.

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