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Kuwait def Ph Azkals on First leg

Ranking as 102 in FiFA. Kuwait defeat the azkals with a score of 3-0. First goal came from 1st half and the 2 on the second half. It seems the Philippine Azkals are doing it all defensively. I haven’t seen them playing offensive and secondly there are no substitutes done but only 1. The second leg will be done here in Manila on thursday.

It was a discussion with a FB friends that it was really a good game with Azkals. On the second half I notice that the players are tired anymore, their defense are week and there are a lot of spaces on its line up. Gerado seems not to rebound and put on walls for defense.

Thirdly, the Fatigue Factor. The degree of temperature in Kuwait is 46 degree which we Filipinos are not used to. We’ll see the fight on thursday. I just can’t wait to watch how we defeat them.

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