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PETA goes after 'crush videos' couple


A Filipino couple is on the run after being charged for producing videos showing teenage girls torture and kill animals and I suggest you run quick since PETA are seriuosly looking for you.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) identified the couple — Dorma and Vic Ridon — responsible for the brutal videos, known as “crush” videos, which have been posted online. The disturbing videos have reportedly become viral.
According to PETA, the “crush” videos showed girls clad in mini-skirts and high heels cutting off the ears of rabbits before setting them on fire, burning dogs with a clothes iron, poking monkeys’ eyes with stiletto heels, and stomping on puppies until they vomited blood and bits of their internal organs.
The videos were sold via "secret Internet chat groups" to people overseas who wanted to watch the footage for "thrills," said Rochelle Regodon, Asia campaign manager for PETA.

The Philippine police have charged the suspects with animal cruelty, child abuse, and human trafficking but the couple had fled before getting arrested.
PETA said it was offering a reward of P100,000 for information leading to their capture. Send a comment if you have information regarding this two animals.

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