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Sniper MX vs Suzuki Hayate

Yesterday, I went to Solar entertainment for a site visit. At around 10PM I decided to go back to the office so I can join my colleague for lunch. I was cruisin for about 60kph downhill when this sniper MX overtook my hayate. I try to follow him from leonardos down to fatima but the sniper mx is too quick to outrun. I tried to squeeze more on the hayate but I still can’t be able to overtook him it was a downhill and it seems the my bike isn’t responding anymore. When I took the last curve after the holy gardens memorial I felt a slid on my rear wheel. I got flat tire. I knew it since my swallow tire seems to have defect. Every now and then I have to inflate it from a nearby TOTAL gas station. I wonder what happen but It seems the tire’s lips is the culprit. I then ride my bike a 40kph. The rear swallow tires had no air anymore. Only thing that is good about this tire is that you can run it on flat tire. The walls are very hard and you’ll not feel as long as the road is asphalt and no uneven pavement. I stop to pump it up on a nearby shell Station before the masinag intersection. This is the shell with caltex parallel to it.  I thought the  Yamaha Sniper MX was far ahead of me. I notice him at my back when I was on a full stop when a 16 wheeler truck made a U turn. So now, We go head to head from 0 start. I pump all the way my suzuki hayate.. but still the 135 cc sniper MX prevails. Kudos to the rider of the bike who help me out with this review….

so for suzuki hayate versus Sniper MX. It’s the Sniper MX that wins. Acceleration is good. We haven’t tested it on long road where we check its topspeed the good news is that. I’m open for friendly gauge and we can do a test of your bike against my stock scooter.

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