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What is wrong with Dreaming?

I remember the story of the Monkey in the Jungle. Let me share it with you.

There once was a Hunter who wants to capture Monkeys. He didn’t use guns nor ropes or other gadgets to attract the monkeys. All he has to do is put a Banana inside a Jar and leave it overnight. Sleeping and Calm into the mountains the hunter woke up knowing that He has a lot of monkeys. He really did. The trick works and He capture a lot of monkey that day.


Sometimes we are like the monkeys attitude that once we have something in our hands, like dreams, fame and other possessions we have a hard time dealing on releasing it. We are attached with it that we can’t even think another way. My Friend, it truly hurts but on hurting we are being reminded. There are things in life that we need to free-up and gave it all to the one True God that is all Knowing.

Today, I gave it all to the Lord. I gave all my dreams and letting Him steers the wheel of our life.

So what’s wrong with dreaming? Its when your dreams are not aligned with what God had plan for your.

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