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Fernwoods Garden Wedding Review

Its been a week since I posted here on my blog. So today I want to share to you a wedding I attended at Fernwood Quezon City. It was a beautiful wedding of a good friend of mine. The Place was nice. It was design like a rainforest with lots of ornaments and trees inside. If you are going there blind folded you might not think its seated inside Quezon City.

The Place smells like a scent of Citronella or I think it registers more on my brain a eucalyptus. Although I  already saw Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay, It would be more Convenient if you are coming here in Manila to have your wedding in Fernwoods. The only difference is that Sonya’s Garden is Located in Tagaytay, Where cool breeze hugs your coat and your make up won’t slid off and melt.

One thing that struck me is that when the Priest ask the Bride and the Groom, Who Do you think will make your Family be broken? because as a wife you are the Light of the Home, and as a husband you are the Foundation of the House.Everything works perfect right? So then the Priest asked again, What element that will make your house unstable and broken? He said, termite. With a Follow up question, Who are the termites in your family? Nobody answers, Perhars no one knows. I myself was clueless. Everyone was waiting until the Priest whisper the Final Answer, THE IN-LAWS. I was shock. Why oh Why should an In-laws would do it? Does the priest has a in-laws or should I say, Does a lot of people asking for his guidance always says, My In-laws are always like this and like that.

So after the Ceremony and during the receptions where everyone was eating. An In-law (the Mother) gave their word to the Newly wed. She said, We will and won’t be a termite in your Family and Instead we will support you and your family. I believe the parents of both parties got hurt on what the Priest told on the Ceremony. I do agree. Even Priests are just plain people. They do things that they seems right but didn’t took another glimpse of what comes out of its mouth.Well it’s a wake-up call though. In conclusion, I and my wife got a wonderful experience and finally was able to experience a wedding in FERNwoods.

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