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Phiten Rakuwa


When it comes to body work out every man deserves what he thinks is right for him. On the choice of food and on how he can improve more of his body. Phiten- is a company well-known for bracelet and necklace that adds performance to someone that wears it. Although, every Phiten Rakuwa user reported that they did felt an increasing in body performance.

Phiten Rakuwa

This particular choker can help you absorb more energy that will help you in work , in school and in everywhere. The Manufacture of the Rakuwa necklace also says, that it will help your resistance longer compare to doing your normal workout.

There where various Necklace that are available. the Necklace cost around Php3,000-Php 4,000 @ tobys. according to Phiten, it has a titanium inside the rubber that helps neutralized and adds power to the bearer. It also can be a source of medicine. According to one user, its heals her slipped disks by wearing such product and it did works faster than the pain remover medicine.The effect on the user is that he feels more lighter and  a lot better than the normal.

If you are looking for more testimonies on the rakuwan necklace that was manufactured and invented by Phiten.

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