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An SEO company asking for my service

I received a message from an seo company. It states there,

We currently have an opening for an SEO/BLOGGER that might interest you or at least you can refer to me your colleagues or friends who are looking for a new opportunity.
Qualifications are as follows:
*Knowledgeable with at least 6 months experience
*Lead Generator – experience in market research
*Submit sample write up or links up the blog sites that you maintain.
*Full time positions available
*Design, develop and implement an SEO program
*Maintain and test daily optimization of webpages
*Manage and grow social media sites on behalf of the company
*Manage and implement Pay per click campaign and Google Adwords
*Distribute and optimize monthly press release
*Work on special projects as assigned
Please let me know if this is something that might interest you.

The problem I have right now is this.

1. I don’t know much of SEO.

2. It requires a full-time Position.

If only there is a position available for part time I might be more interested to join and learn more about.

If you know SEO then let me know so I can refer you to the person. Send me an email at mel.ardenio @ gmail dot com.

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