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How to replace Suzuki hayate v-belt

There where no advised on the manual on when you need to replace your suzuki hayate 125's vbelt. A vbelt is like a chain on a conventional motorcycle but this time its a belt being squeeze between to plates. That's what makes it a cvt.

Many of my colleague choose to change their vbelt at 25k odometer reading. Although some said its ok to change at 50k. With all curiosity and the likes i feel it would be better if i would try to go over the limit or maybe try to find out all by myself. When i open the tranny to check the roller weights i notice some cracks in between groves of the belt. Although its not that alarming and believe it still can survive another 10k on the road. With about 10 months of usage and odometer reading is at 41k. The v-belt still survive. I'm now replacing the vbelt for the reason that i'm planning to go somewhere far. Here's a photo of an sgp vbelt i bought at suzuki for a price of 1500.

Next post will the step by step procedure.

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