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Suzuki Hayate V-belt

It’s a matsuboshi V-belt. An oem from Suzuki. I managed to change my V-belt on my own since having it service at Suzuki 3s Shop would cost me Php450.

So here it is not with the right tools I was able to extract the OLD V-belt and have it changed.Notice the cracks at the upper part of the belt. Now its not that big enough to break but I believe a properly maintained bike should be done occasionally.



Clutch Lining are still thick and may serve and survive for about 40K kms.


Clutch Bell are still in good Condition. I just clean it with petrol and do some sanding on the Side where the Clutch Lining meet.


Drive face, Pulley and roller weights are still ok. I just do some sanding on the roller weights in order to make it more balance.

Notice there are some corners on the roller weights. Manually I grind it in a sand paper and to test if there are no corners. Roll it over a table and notice the sound. As long as you hear a sound there are still corners on it. So try grinding as long as you minimize and don’t hear it at all. I use  14Gms (stock roller weights and 13Gms.


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