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Vangie, The Iphone 4s Pinoy SIRI version

Meet Vangie, A local Version of iphone 4s named "siri". This video goes viral but before it hits the News it goes viral first in Facbook. Actually, the necessity arise because SIRI lacks alot of features we Filipinos need. Like for example the Location tracking. Since we are not supported with GPS location tracker SIRI can't be asked for a place within the Philippines. Second, Siri, doesn't able to understand Pinoy English and Slang words.

So this is VANGIE, the Pinoy SIRI version, You can ask her about the weather advice you where to go and where is not flooded. What I like about this Virtual Private Assistant is that it can read JEJEMON SMS.

Aside from asking locations and weather, Vangie also knows how to now you don't need to google everything. Just ask Vangie.

Just a quick recommendation don't ask her to call your Girlfriend or else your off.

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