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Handy Manny Youtube videos

Thanks to TV5 for having it in tagalog or tagalized, my kids won’t be able to find a call center job. Kidding aside, I think this kids show is fine right and well fitted for the toddlers ages 5-10. Its an eye opener for them. I was able to watch some series since its airing time at 8am in the morning. Last two weeks of vacation was like two weeks of Handy Manny, Scooby doo marathon for the kids. I don’t have skycable or any cable provider in the place and perhaps its another add bill on my list if I will subscribe to one.


So what’s with Handy Manny? It’s about a kid that has a live tools that can talk. With everyone with different assignments. They help out Manny to do the chores when someone call the shop for repairs. Its like Manny is the man of the hour when it comes to repairs. What more interest is that this tools have different characters that makes it more lively and interesting to a child viewer. It gave them a lesson on life and what to do on circumstances that would enable them to think out of the box.  Here are some of glimpse of th video of Handy Manny.


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