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Do it yourself- Daihatsu Charade Instrument Panel gauge

How do you like to have your Instrument Panel like the one on the New cars? Now that everything is using LED lights why not take advantage of the technology. I was supposed to make a new set of face on the instrument panel gauge but it would look awkward if I have it on white face rather than the stock black faceplate.

So to start with the modifications you need a fork to lift up the speedometer needle. Don't be afraid to pull it off. You will be able to put it back since its tightly fit on each other. So after struggling with the needle. Here comes the best part of it.

I use an acetate. Looking at the picture below cut about 1/2 inch of the acetate. Also cut a small strip for the foot/holder which serves it purpose that is to HOLD the 1/2 inch acetate. How do I have it paste? Get a soldering iron and press a little hole on it while holding the 2 piece together. 

Another view on the other side of the instrument panel gauge. I use a scotch transparent tape so light can still pass thru it.

Now in order not to mixed up with the light. I use a masking tape. I will use the White LED for the lines on my gauge and Red LEDs for the numbers. So this is how it look.

Now I also made another divider inside. I was planning to have another white color on the inside part of the gauge. Unfortunately this picture below doesn't exist now. I could not fit Gauge because the 2nd divider is hitting the odometer mechanism. 

So for the final picture of this that is a working one. Here it is below. Secure it with a double sided tape.Inside LED are from Concorde. It's a bit pricey for Php 500 but what I like about it is that the Light is beaming on the side part of the LED. So in this case I have a direct light passing on the numbers of the gauge. For the Lines Its on the upper part. Please see pictures below for the other angel.

Hit me a comment if you have questions!


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