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Isuzu Crosswind XT Review

Our company had decided to sell out the aging Mitsubishi adventure 1.8 Multi-Injection AUV. With the main reason about fuel consumption. I have driven the Isuzu Crosswind for about two weeks and experience is superb.

The current price of Diesel is Php 46.00/liter. The Isuzu Crosswind packs about 45liters of diesel fuel. I have it full tank for about 42 liters. I am very much aware of the fuel consumption that I have reset the Trip B every full tank. Now for the city driving the 42 liters had covered 600kms. Approximately, the Isuzu Crosswind reads 12-14 kms per liter. It's not surprising since the AUV is on the Break-in Period and all the parts are still stuck up and needs a rev-up. The test is done from Taytay-Mindanao ave. at 8:00AM in the morning and 6PM in the evening. All roads are well paved but traffic are worst.

Powersteering are smooth and handling makes maneuverability are great. Headlights are not HID but equipt with Projector Lens.

All seats are cream colored on a leather together with the carpet.

Engine response are unwittingly dangerous. I find the turbo very satisfying. I love the turbo now hehehehe... With a 2.5L It can crawl a mountain on the 1st gear. Isn't it nice to have a diesel with Very powerful torque.

only downside is its aesthetics. The dashboard aren't that futuristic as the other AUV in the market. Unlike the Mitsubishi that has nice interior.

Overall experience with the Isuzu Crosswind. I'll give it 8/10.

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