My Own way of Sharing the World I see on my own Perspective.

Speculations are just speculations unless you have the Paper in your hand

I'm going abroad. --That's a mere speculations.

I got a New SUV.--That's not true.

I got Condo's--That'a absolutely not correct.

I got a new Macbook pro-- Come on this are just things that makes life a little harder.

With all the rumors roaming around your life. What would you like to do then? Would you rather put it simple or rather make it a little bit complicated. People tend to speculate on other people. It seems to me that talking more is a way of life for us Filipino. And talking others lives are more greener and a bit better that having a healthy conversation on how to uplift someone else's life. So with the power of Social media, it has come to my attention that I'm being to public and unaware that my family's security is at stake. So correct that situation, I have to deactivate my PUBLIC facebook account and create a new account which I now filter friends and love ones. I make it a point that friends on facebook are also friends in real life. These friends are those people I know when I talk at them are people who are serious enough and brings a good and healthy relationship.

So what bothers me now? I'm currently doing some blog updates and some posting on my social media account but nonetheless..I will be more on writing personal experience on this blog. 

Sarap naman talaga magsulat basta para lang sa sarili at indi sa A D SenSE...

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